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At Jimai, we consider our people our treasure and future success. Our team members are easy to talk to, they are trained to be friendly and professional in their manner so that, with their assistance, customers always find the right products. We have sharp professionals with expertise in manufacturing, engineering, selling, and after sales support of quality QT Electric Actuator, JMG Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Butterfly Valve, Welding Angle Seat Valve SS Actuator, Air Filter Regulator, etc. We have maintained following specialized team:

  • Production Team
  • R&D Team
  • Sales Team

Application Areas

Our products are extensively demanded by customers in several industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, paper, power, oil and gas, printing and dyeing, wastewater, and water supply and drainage. Our products are also used in construction, municipal engineering, and many other industries because of their added flexibility and interchangeability features.


We are focused on providing an excellent experience when working with us. We offer complete comfort to our customers so that they can freely ask any question, submit complaints, and give compliments. Our customer care team remains available by quickly answering the inquiries that are received by email or phone. They work hard to answer all the requests of customers within 24 business hours.

We help our customers attain their business goals by reducing their purchase costs, improving product quality, and providing excellent trade services. For more information about us or our products such as the Electric Butterfly Valve, Welding Angle Seat Valve SS Actuator, QT Electric Actuator, JMG Pneumatic Actuator, Air Filter Regulator, etc., you can avail yourself of our brochures, catalogs, manuals, and safety data sheets.


In a competitive market, we have many certificates that reflect our success. Below are some of the certificates that we have:

  • CE certificate
  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate
  • ISO 9001:2016 certificate
  • ISO 14001:2015 certificate

Why Choose Us?

  • R&D capabilities: At our company, a proficient R&D team conducts a number of surveys and online research. The results of all the research are analyzed and then we design and develop our products.
  • Service: Attaining the satisfaction of customers is the best reward for us, and we look for ways to have mutual growth.
  • Machining Process: Our products are developed after passing through a series of machining processess that ensure accuracy in their design, construction, and strength.
  • Infrastructure: We have a sound infrastructure, which includes a quality inspection unit, workshop, assembly area, test room, R&D centre, meeting room, and CNC sawing machine.
  • Customer Support: We offer excellent support to customers by providing Technical Support, Consultative Services, After-sale Service, Prompt response, and On-time Delivery of orders.

Quality Control

Quality is our strength, and a major reason behind our huge clientele. In order to have products of supreme quality, we follow a rigorous quality control system. The system covers supervision of the whole process, right from starting to the principle of zero quality flaw as per the standards of ATEX, CE, and ISO9001:2008 quality control systems.

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